**Claim Me**
The Last of the Remastered Bries
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*Includes 16 Years Earlier:
Master’s POV

Relive the joy¬†and splender of Brie’s¬†wedding
and then…

Step back 16 years earlier when
Sir, Master Anderson, and Rytsar
had just met in college

Claim Me #9

Fairy tales come true

Brie Bennett‚Äôs Master is about to make all of her dreams come true. The wedding is almost here but darkness lies ahead‚ÄĒa plot so horrendous it will rock their foundation to the core.

Yet love as fierce and passionate as theirs cannot be denied. Join our favorite submissive as she discovers the romance that awaits when an Italian Dom plans the wedding of the century for his cherished bride.


**This is the last of the remastered Bries¬†– 298¬†pages¬†in paperback &¬†includes 16 Years Earlier: Master’s POV

Brand New Р10/3

Get ready to be swept away…

NEW Enchant Me #10

Romance meets wicked fun!

After the wedding of the century, Brie is whisked off to begin her honeymoon.

She falls madly in love with the romance of the city, enjoying the delights of its secret BDSM society. Brie is then transported to the wickedness of the isle, where Master will play out his own private fantasies…

But Fate is a cruel mistress the two must fight hard against. Will they survive the approaching darkness that seeks to destroy them?

**The new Brie releases Oct 3rd