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Passion is for Lovers

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Four steamy & inspirational novellas centered on saving power of LOVE

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In 9 Days
In 9 Days_small
A sweet romance about a young woman who falls in love
with the new student in school, nicknamed ‘the Freak’

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9 Days and Counting
9 Days and Counting_small
A tale about sacrificial love
This sequel to In 9 Days is an emotional reunion of the two long-lost lovers

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And Then He Saved Me
And then he saved me small
A story of saving tenderness
When a young woman tries to kill herself, a man of great character intervenes with love that heals

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Play With Me at Noon
Play with me at Noon_small
An inspiring story for couples about creating intimate connections
(With an ending that may surprise you)

Play With Me at Noon

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Perfect for couples! This novelette provides the exotic spice you crave.

Tina needs to feel desirable again and invites five different men in five days to “play” with her – The Construction Worker, The Executive, The Virgin, The Biker, and The Kink. The sex is AMAZING, but what she really desires is to reconnect with her husband. The twist at the end will renew your faith that true love can conquer all.

Join Tina on her five-day sexapade in this steamy novelette devoted to finding a path back to the one you love.

Extended Description:

Tina is in a sexless marriage. Although she loves her workaholic husband, she longs to feel treasured by him. Out of desperation, she decides to fulfill her fantasies by inviting five different men in five days to “play” with her. Each sexual encounter is steamier than the next, but her husband’s love is what she longs for most. Can their marriage survive the day he finally confronts her?

Blissfully Undone

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This popular Blissful novelette is now a full-length novel, Blissfully Undone by Red Phoenix.

Two couples plan a mountain getaway, but only Dan and Jenny make it before the blizzard strikes. That leaves them alone together for five days. With tons of time on their hands and a natural attraction for each other, things start to heat up. Dan has a crush on her and finds creative ways to seduce Jenny. By the time it’s over, the two must make a choice – either way, hearts will suffer.

This sexy novelette explores what happens when two responsible adults find themselves in a situation where hidden love can flourish.

Extended Description:

Friends since college, Jenny and Dan get the cabin ready for the gang. They become snowbound when an unexpected blizzard strikes. Jenny is unaware that Dan has a crush on her. However, he makes those feelings quite clear when it becomes apparent that they are snowed in. As much as Jenny wants to fight off her attraction to Dan, she is irresistibly drawn to the man. Jenny is unwilling to “cheat” on her boyfriend by making love to Dan, but he finds a variety of other ways to love on her beautiful body. Jenny comes to embrace being blissfully snowbound and is brokenhearted that it must end.

Excerpt from Blissfully Snowbound:

“If we kiss and both of us don’t feel something, I’ll stop hounding you. Cross my heart.” Dan made a cross motion over his heart and smiled charmingly.

“You’re pathetic, you know that?”

“I think you’re chicken, because you know I’m right.”

“Don’t start with me, Dan. You know I hate being called a chicken.”

He nodded with a grin. “Yes, I do.”

Jenny rolled her eyes and walked over to Dan. Here in the daylight with no romantic fire, things would be different. He tried to put his arms around her, but she stopped him. “You said nothing about hugging, mister. A kiss. That’s it.”

A smile played across his lips. “Fine.” Dan put his hands behind his back and waited.

Jenny tried to calm the butterflies as she tiptoed up to kiss him. For a second she hesitated, afraid that he might be right – but no. She knew better and needed to prove it. Jenny gently pressed her mouth against his firm lips. He snuck a hand around and grasped the back of her neck. Dan slipped his tongue into her mouth and she felt fireworks go off. The desire she felt all night instantly reignited. She unwillingly moaned and had to pull away.