The Cowboy’s Secret is available now!

Experience a never-before-told story of our favorite cowboy in a stand-alone romance novel. Get ready for more of the lovable cowboy with a big heart, great humor, and a masterful talent with the bullwhip. Learn about the secret he's forced to keep- you'll never guess what it is.

“Kiss my whip, darlin’…”

I’m not your average cowboy. While I may have tight jeans and a big “belt buckle”, my real talent lies in using my bullwhip to pleasure the ladies.
Known for my special brand of kink and my sense of humor, I have worked hard to carve out my own path, until the day I get the call from my father that our family is about to lose the Anderson ranch.
I am willing to sacrifice everything in my search to find a solution that will save my family’s homestead. In the process, I am introduced to an extraordinary person.
Little do I know that my solution will involve this mysterious stranger who demands I keep a secret. This secret will change everything.

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I enjoyed seeing the fun-loving side of Master Anderson but we get to see he is so much more in this book. He is determined knows what he wants and will do what ever it takes to get it done. He knows when he needs to step back and spend a little extra time with his family. We would all be lucky to have a Cowboy like Master Anderson as a brother.
Here is one of of my favorite quotes:
“You know, son, you’re defined by the company you keep, and you have exceptional taste in friends.” ~Mr. Anderson


~ Twinsie Talk

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