A Heart Unchained just released!

The newest book in the Brie Series is finally here!

All of your favorite characters return to continue their thrilling stories. Sir, the calculating Dom with boundless love for his sub, the love of his life, and her two children. Brie, the sub living her HEA with her Dom and her two kids. Surrounded by support on all sides as she deals with incredible opportunities and face powerful circumstances. And Rytsar, the beloved Russian Sadist. His glorious story takes everyone to his motherland as he shows them places they could only have dreamed about, and treat Brie to nights she will never forget.

But emotions are bound to run high as a father, currently separated from his child, struggles with his own inner demons. Despite being shown endless love and care from those around him who support him, the grief seems to high for him to handle. What will it take to help him in his darkest moment...

“Fighting for Love”

Hot nights in Russia, and an extended visit to Italy warms Brie’s heart when Nonna holds their son for the first time.

But Brie is about to stumble on a tragic secret involving Sir’s family…

Can a shattered heart ever truly heal? Can the passionate love between a Master and his treasured sub mend a broken heart?

Even when the battle seems hopeless, love is always worth the fight.

A Heart Unchained is available on your favorite device!

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I'm blown away by this book. When I think I have read the best chapter ever the next one is even unbelievable better. I cried tears of joy in the chapter To Nona With Love. Thank-you for the opportunity to read this incredible book.

ARC Reader

~ ARC team

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