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Brie Box Set 1 Paperback 2


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Invite two people to join Friends of Red Phoenix, tag them in the comment, along with a sentence sharing why they will love Brie.

Example Comments:

  • “Lea and Mary, you have to read this series because the Doms are scorching HOT!”
  • “Candy and Autumn, you are going to love Brie! Can’t wait to discuss the book with you guys.”

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Official Brie's Submission Box Set 1-3 3D

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The Brie Series – Box Set 1
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Red Phoenix Holiday Giveaway – Gift of Words

Holiday Giveaway 

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Red Phoenix Celebrates the Holidays


Day 1 – A Story About Love that Saves (FREE read)

A beautiful and erotic tale about the healing power of love.
When a young girl tries to kill herself, a man of great character intervenes with a love that heals.

And Then He Saved Me by Red Phoenix:

Day 2 – A Story About A Scarred Hero (FREE read)

This tale about the fierce love of a young woman for the outcast will inspire you!
A young girl falls in love with the new student, nicknamed “the Freak” because of his many scars.

In 9 Days by Red Phoenix:
Day 3 – A Story About True Love (.99 read)

A tale of loyalty & longing – and a gift of the heart.
This sequel to the story, In 9 Days, delves into the emotional reunion of two longtime lovers.

9 Days and Counting by Red Phoenix:
Day 4 – A Story About Loyalty and Love (.99 read)

Perfect for couples! This tale provides the kinky spice you can take straight to the bedroom.
A desperate wife lives out her fantasies at noon for five glorious days…

Play With Me at Noon by Red Phoenix:
Day 5 – A Story About Werewolf Love (.99 read)

A beautiful tale of love that unites a dying woman returning to Scotland with a wounded werewolf who can’t let her go.
Two lost souls, the Moon, and a death wish…

By the Light of the Scottish Moon by Red Phoenix:

Day 6 – A Story About Kinky Guidance (.99 read)

The sexy tale of a curious lady who falls hard for an online Dom.
A mature and curvaceous woman becomes fascinated by the Dom, Socrates, who agrees to teach her.

Socrates Inspires Cherry to Blossom by Red Phoenix:
Day 7 – A Story About Devotion of the Heart (FREE read)

This is an edgy erotic tale of a young werewolf who will do anything to protect her people – even if it involves four Alpha males…
A virginal werewolf must act as the clan’s mysterious Keeper.

The Keeper of the Wolf Clan by Red Phoenix:

Day 8 – A Story About The Love of Four Alphas (3.99 read)

The full tale of what happens after the story, The Keeper of the Wolf Clan.
A romantic and edgy erotic tale of duty, love and betrayal in the mystical world of werewolves.

Keeper of Wolves (boxed set) by Red Phoenix:
Day 9 – A Story About A White Knight in Vampire Clothing (2.99 read)

Dark things come in pretty packages…

A dark, but oh so sexy vampire tale. Our hero navigates the dangerous world he has been thrust into with lusty passion and heart.

Varick the Reckoning by Red Phoenix:

Day 10 – A Story About Friends to Lovers (3.99 read)

A badly placed mistletoe can cause all kinds of trouble…
A tale of two friends who are meant for each other if fate would only cooperate. True love always finds a way.

The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy by Red Phoenix:
Day 11 – A Story About Scottish Kilts and Kink (3.99 read)

Can innocent love conquer a curse?
A sexy Dom escapes to Scotland in the late 1400s. He encounters a young waif who has the potential to free him from his tragic curse.

His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages by Red Phoenix:

Day 12 – A Sexy Story About Being Snowbound… (FREE read)

Snow will take on a whole new sexy meaning after you read this!
A hot little tale exploring what happens when two friends suddenly find themselves in a situation where hidden love can flourish.

Blissfully Snowbound by Red Phoenix:

Day 13 – A Story About Menage! (3.99 read)

The full story of what happens after Blissfully Snowbound…
How lucky can a girl get? Three friends take on the sensual journey of a MFM ménage à trois.

Blissfully Undone by Red Phoenix:

Day 14 – A Story About the Sensual World of BDSM (FREE read)

A young woman attends the Submissive Training Center.
She has no idea the things that will be asked of her or the boundaries that will be pushed—but she’s eager to find out.

Teach Me: Brie’s Submission by Red Phoenix:

Day 15 – A Story About A Love so True… (3.99 read)

Written under my other pen name. <3
Phoenix of the Heart is a powerful story about the transforming power of love.
A handsome stranger rescues Beth from total humiliation – his unconditional love becomes the catalyst for her incredible journey.

Phoenix of the Heart by Michelle Stevens (AKA Red Phoenix):

Day 16 – A Story About New Beginnings (3.99 read)

Written under my other pen name. <3
A sequel to Phoenix of the Heart, Beth faces the new season of her life with courage and humor.
Despite a devastating loss, she’s determined to fully embrace her future supported by a love that endures.

Phoenix Reborn by Michelle Stevens (AKA Red Phoenix):

Hugs! ~Red