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In preparation of the final book in the Rise of the Dominants, Sir's Rise has even had a blurb make-over! Read the new blurb here:

Thane Davis isn't prepared for the seductive world he is about to come in contact with...Looking for a fresh start where the ghosts of his past can't catch up to him, he's not looking to make friends.But everything changes the night Rytsar Durov invites him to a secret club and introduces him to the world of Dominance and submission.Thane will come to discover there are some things worth taking risks for, some people worth sacrificing for, and some problems you can't outrun.

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Blog – Master’s Fate Released!

It's finally here!

Master's Fate has released. Read all about the sexy cowboy and his incredible talent with the bullwhip.

Master Anderson, the humorous cowboy whose skill with the bullwhip elicits pure pleasure.Sir Davis, the mysterious one, who drives her wild with his touch.Rytsar, the charming sadist who pushes the limits of pain and pleasure.Three Doms set on fanning her passion… **** At the dungeon, Master Anderson takes Glee from one sexy scene to another determined to claim her as his own.He may be a new Dominant, but he aims to give her something she’s never experienced before.The others simply crave her submission—but he wants more.

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Master’s Fate Month Update

Master's Fate is only 1 month away from release!

In less than a month, the story of the particularly large cowboy with a precise bull-whip will be released! Find out how he discovers his passion for BDSM and learns just how much pleasure the human body can achieve. Love and humor awaits you in the next book of the Rise of the Dominant's Series.Pre-Order now! Get your copy on your favorite device the day of release!

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Google will be available the day of release.

If you haven't read the emotional story of Sir and his rise as a Dominant, check out Sir's Rise here.
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  Happy Lover’s Day!

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Cover Reveal for Master’s Fate by Red Phoenix

COVER REVEAL for Master's Fate!

Who doesn't love a sexy cowboy?

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"I love women, I always have. 

Raised to be a gentleman, I know how to treat a lady right—especially in the bedroom." ~Master Anderson

Master's Fate is the second book in the new trilogy, Rise of the Dominants

Master's Fate (Pre-order):





(No Google for pre-orders unfortunately, but it will be up on the day of release - March 19th!)

Have you read the first of the series yet - Sir's Rise?

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Captain’s Duet by Red Phoenix is Complete!

What's better than a new release - when it completes a duet! 1-Click Safe Haven & Destined to Dominate now and get ready for a love story you can't put down!

Start reading Safe Haven now. You're going to LOVE this story. So many feels. SO MANY FEELS! 

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