Unveiling the Ultimate Collection: Brie's Submission Kickstarter Launch

    A Kickstarter for an exclusive edition of the Brie Series has just begun! - https://bit.ly/RPDoubleDate

A Unique Collector's Edition:

    To bid a resounding farewell to our beloved Brie, we're launching a one-of-a-kind collection through a Kickstarter campaign. This unique collector's edition includes 13 books, each consisting of two novels, encapsulating a decade of spicy escapades. Imagine finishing the first book, flipping it, and embarking on the next one right away - a magical "Double Date" format, indeed!

Nature-Inspired Covers:

    The whole collection features 26 unique covers, each representing a different chapter of Brie's life, adorned with beautiful flowers handpicked by yours truly. Inspired by the variety and breathtaking beauty of nature, each flower on the covers holds a unique significance.

Offering More Than Just the Books

    Alongside the series, I've worked diligently to present more to the fans. From both paperback and hardcover editions of the Double Date books to bonus chapters, side stories, and never-seen-before specials, this Kickstarter campaign has it all.

Exciting Artwork and Limited Edition Swag

    And the excitement doesn't end there! We're presenting stunning vellum art inserts of your favorite Doms, plus limited edition swag for backers - custom playing cards, a beautiful metal bookmark, and much more.

A Token of Gratitude

    This entire project is a token of gratitude to every supporter, every fan, and every individual who has fallen in love with the characters of Brie's Submission. Your unwavering support has been invaluable, and with this Kickstarter campaign, we aim to bring my vision for the ultimate Brie collection to life. So come along, let's make this extraordinary journey together!

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