Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Yes, my friends, it’s true.
I have decided my next book, Craving His Touch, is the right place to bring the Brie’s Submission Series to a close.
My heart is to CELEBRATE with you as I write this final book in the series. Together, we are going to let the world know this series is ending so that more readers can meet Brie, Sir, Rytsar, Tono, Master Anderson, Faelan, Marquis Gray, Lea, Mary…and all of the other beautiful people in Brie’s world. ❤️
I have always said I have the best fans in the world and with your help, I plan to give Brie’s Submission the most EPIC sendoff a series has seen! You are not going to believe the wonderful things my team and I are creating for it.
But I'm not done writing! I am planning a new, sexy series about 5 Scottish brothers that you are going to fall in love with.
For now, I will pour my soul into this final Brie book and I want to share the exciting process with you as I write it. My entire focus will be on allowing Brie and the gang to speak through me, so they can share their hearts with YOU.
Stay tuned for what's next! ~Red

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