The Collaring Ceremony (Brie's Submission Companion Novelette - Sir's POV)

Author: Red Phoenix
Publication Year: 2013

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About the Book

** Until Amazon made The Collaring Ceremony: His POV FREE, every penny of profit I made on this story went to Children's Hospital Colorado.
My fans raised $361.20! **

Short Novelette from the Dom's Perspective - 26 Pages

Note from the author:
Warning - This novelette contains spoilers for Brie's Submission. Do not read until you have read Catch Me in its entirety.

This chapter is taken from Brie Learns the Art of Submission. Fans have been begging for this particular scene written from Master's point of view. Although this is Brie's story, I cried when I wrote the collaring ceremony knowing how he felt. It is my pleasure to share his side of the story with you now.

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Another chapter written from Master's POV

You know love you, peeps! ~Red Phoenix

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