Never Give Up, Never Surrender

My sweet fans, this message is about empowerment!

I have given a lot of thought to this over this last year. You know I’ve always listened to my muses, and they have never led me astray.

Although I feel Beneath the Flames is one of the best books I’ve ever written, fewer readers have picked it up. There has been a downward trend in sales for every Brie book since Her Sweet Surrender in Jan 2021. I think the series hit critical mass at Book 21, and now fewer and fewer people want to dive into Brie’s journey. The simple truth is the series has become too long to continue thriving.

Therefore, I have decided my next book, Craving His Touch, is the right place to bring the Brie’s Submission Series to a close. I know this is surprising news, my friends, but don’t feel sad! I am not giving up on Brie and the gang. I will do everything in my power to bring them back in a new series sometime in the future.

My heart is to CELEBRATE with you as I write this final book in the series. I hope you will help me get the word out that the Brie’s Submission Series is ending with book 26 and encourage others to dive into this series we all love.

I trust when new readers hear that the series is ending, they will pick up the books and experience the joy of Brie’s journey like we all have! I believe if we can get enough eyeballs on this series, we will have the chance to return to Brie and my beautiful muses in the future.

Know that I plan to pour my soul into this final Brie book, and I want to share the exciting process with you as I write it. My entire focus will be on allowing Brie and the gang to speak through me, so they can share their hearts with YOU!

With your help, I plan to give Brie’s Submission the most EPIC sendoff a series has seen! You are not going to believe the wonderful things my team and I are planning for it.

This is not a defeat, but an empowering transition that I want to share with you.

Stinky Cheese and the gang are not just characters to me—they are my friends, and I will fight with the tenacity of Brie and the passion of Rytsar to change the current trajectory of my career.

To ensure that happens I will be trying something a little different, my friends. I have wanted to explore a spicy romcon series about five Scottish brothers who live in a small mountain town in Colorado—which also happen to be my roots. I long to share this close-knit family with you and the humorous trouble the five brothers get themselves into as each one searches for his soul mate. Naturally, there will also be plenty of sexy scenes, mixed with humor and heartfelt romance that I know you and, hopefully, new readers will love. <3

I have always said I have the best fans in the world. Together, we are going to breathe life back into this series as it ends so that more readers will know about Brie, Sir, Hope, Antony, Rytsar, Tono, Master Anderson, Shadow and Cayenne, Faelan, Marquis Gray, Lea, Mary, Captain, Candy…and all of the other beautiful people in Brie’s world. By doing this, we are giving Brie and all of the muses we love the opportunity to return.

With you by my side, I am not afraid of the future because this is not the end. 2023 is the start of a brilliant new chapter.

All my love, ~Red

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