Sir's Rise Audiobook

    Narrated by Jason Clarke

Thane Davis sacrificed everything to become the man he is today by staying true to three hard rules:
  • Make no friends.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Avoid the past.
He is a confident alpha who demands respect, yet keeps to himself. But that changes the night Rytsar Durov invites him to a secret, underground club and introduces him to the world of dominance and submission. He soon finds his calling pleasing women who long to test the boundaries between pain and pleasure.

In the process, Thane comes to discover there are some things worth the risk, some people worth sacrificing for, and some problems you can't outrun.

Master's Fate Audiobook

    Narrated by Jason Clarke

Three sizzling doms, one lucky woman...

Glee visits the dungeon at night to explore her kinkier side, but things really heat up when three doms start vying for her attention.

Master Anderson, the humorous cowboy whose skill with the bullwhip elicits pure pleasure. Sir Davis, the mysterious one, who drives her wild with his touch. Rytsar, the charming sadist who pushes the limits of pain and pleasure.

Three doms set on fanning her passion.

The Russian Reborn Audiobook

    Narrated by Jason Clarke

Rytsar Durov is a passionate man. Seducing women - he’s a natural. Pleasing women - his talents speak for themselves.

A sadist known for his talent with the cat o’ nines, Rytsar enjoys his popularity with submissives at the dungeon, and is caught off guard by the fire-hot attraction he feels for Samantha, a young domme.

He knows better than to test those waters, but damn, he just can’t resist her.

When two sexy dominants collide in the bedroom, passions ignite! But, will Rytsar’s heart survive the inferno it creates?