The Keeper Of The Wolf Clan (Keeper Of Wolves Book 1)

Author: Red Phoenix
Publication Year: 2012

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About the Book

Delve into the lives and secrets of the Daric werewolf clan...

Layla grew up the privileged daughter of the Keeper. The Keeper is in charge of preserving peace among the four Alphas, preventing civil war (but the Ritual is shrouded in secrecy). Just before the full moon her mother dies, leaving Layla to perform the mysterious Bonding Ritual.

"What happens to you tonight will be your undoing." ~Valen

Valen, her enemy since she was a pup, will be her partner for the Bonding, but he underestimates how strong she is - everybody does. Layla faces the four Alphas determined to save her people and honor her mother's memory as the new Keeper of their clan.

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