Craving His Touch

Brie's Submission (Book 26)

By Award Winning Author Red Phoenix

“I will never stop craving your touch…”

I am deeper in love with Thane than I was in the beginning when I bowed at his feet. We have created a beautiful family and I’m in the midst of preparing for the premiere of my second documentary. A film I’ve fought for with my life—literally.
My joy is doubled now that Rytsar Durov has returned where he belongs. A cowboy wedding, a trip to the cabin, and adventures on the Isle await me.
With the premiere of my second documentary fast approaching, I find myself on the precipice of triumph or disaster, but I am ready to face my destiny the same way I did on my first day at the Training Center…without fear.
This epic conclusion will have your heart soaring and your soul forever changed.

Craving His Touch

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