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Explosive and hot! I know her unspoken desire when she gives me that coy look before disappearing into the stacks of old library books... I've always had the natural ability to tap into a woman's hidden desire, but my life takes a complete 180 when I'm introduced to my true calling.
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Cover Reveal for Master’s Fate by Red Phoenix
COVER REVEAL for Master's Fate! Who doesn't love a sexy cowboy? 1-Click NOW "I love women, I always have.  Raised[...]

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Red Phoenix is a USA Today Best Selling and award winning author who's steamy erotic romance novels have paved her path to notoriety. While Red couldn't possibly choose a favorite love story from her body of work, Brie's Submission was the series that stole the hearts of readers across the world. As Brie's story illustrates, Red is a big believer in the idea that love can truly conquer all, and her 27 years of happy marriage proves that she speaks from experience. It's that very experience she uses to write relatable characters we can't help but cheer on, pit them against trials and challenges that leave our hearts in our throats, and reward her characters and readers alike with wonderfully stimulating scenes of sensual pleasure.

"Erotica is delicious fantasy created to entice both the mind and body." ~Red Phoenix

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